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6 Types Of Stucco Finishes For Commercial Exteriors

The exterior of your commercial building is the hallmark of your business. It's the first impression customers, clients, and employees have of your company. You want to make sure that it's a good one!

What better way could there be than to give the front of your commercial space a makeover with a new stucco finish? Stucco's durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic quality are acknowledged everywhere. But if you still have your reservations, Two Coats Painting and Staining will lay all your fears to rest with these five types of stucco finish.

1. Smooth Finish

A smooth finish is the most popular type of stucco finish for commercial exteriors. It provides a clean, sleek look that makes your business stand out. This stucco finish is also very easy to maintain, which is always a plus.

2. Sand Finish

A sand finish is a great option if you want something more unique. It gives the walls a bit of texture and can really add some visual interest to your property. To maintain the sand finish, you will not have to do much more than sweep it occasionally.

3. Lime Wash Finish

If you're looking to add some Old World charm to your property, then a lime wash finish is your answer. It's a very popular option for Mediterranean-style homes and businesses and gives your business exterior extra fizz. To maintain the lime wash finish, you will need to repaint it every few years, but it still goes long enough not to cause any extra repairs.

4. Santa Barabara

The Santa Barbara stucco finish is for those looking for luxury and elegance emanating out of their building exteriors. It is a popular finish for high-end businesses, and you will often find it in celebrity homes. Santa Barbara stucco is very easy to maintain and only needs to be repaired if there are cracks or holes.

However, you can only get it done in its best possible form with the help of a professional painter.

5. Tabby Shell

In the subtropical climates of Georgia, the Tabby shell is used to build walls and foundations to make them resistant to rot, termites, and hurricanes. This natural material is derived from oyster shells and lime. It is low-maintenance and can last for centuries with the right care.

6. Lace Finish

A lace finish is a unique and beautiful option that can add a touch of elegance to any business exterior. It's created by applying a thin layer of mortar over the top of the brick and then using a stencil to create a design. The stencil is then removed, and the mortar is allowed to dry. This finish is perfect for adding a bit of personality to your building without going over the top.

Professional Painters in Suwanee, GA

Professional painters can help you elevate the look of commercial building exterior manifolds. Stucco finishes look great and add to the elegance and beauty of your property, but they are not a DIY job.

You will need the assistance of professional painters such as Two Coats Painting & Staining, serving Suwanee, GA. We provide top-of-the-line exterior painting services, and our experts excel in large commercial projects.

So, whether you own a small grocery store or a 10-floor building, we will heighten the look of your commercial property.

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