Exterior Maintenance Program 

For Atlanta Area Home Owners

Now Offering Exterior Maintenance Program!

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For only $99 a month recurring membership fee we are offering two gutter cleanings annually and two full home pressure washings.

Membership is paid by monthly credits card billing.

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You schedule your two services annually when you would like them via phone. Once from January-June and then again from July-December. Whole house pressure washing and gutter cleaning combo, done the same day!

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This bi-annual service helps to reduce damage to your siding over time and helps protect your soffits from water damage due to overrunning gutters while keeping your largest investment in tip-top shape!

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While an active member, all members get:

  • 5% off interior or exterior paint projects under $3000
  • 10% off interior or exterior paint projects over $3001
  • A 5-year warranty on exterior full house paint projects as long as you are an active paying member if we paint your house while you are a member

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Services Starts On The First Month of Billing, Minimum 6 Month Enrollment Billing Prior To Cancellation